Acta veterinaria 2005 Volume 55, Issue 2-3, Pages: 245-250
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The effect of pharmacologically active compounds from Ginkgo bilobae extract on contractility of rabbit duodenum and ileum

Pilija Vladimir, Draganić-Gajić Saveta, Savović Slobodan, Mihalj Marija, Zgonjanin Dragana M., Jovanović I.

Findings that there are pharmacologically active compounds in the Ginkgo bilobae extract recently provoked numerous investigations of their action on the receptors of the autonomous nervous system. The purpose of the present study was to determine the influence of gingko extract on the contractility of the longitudinal smooth muscle layer in the wall of the rabbit duodenum and ileum using the method of Magnus. Results clearly show that gingko extract causes a dose dependent tonus decrease of duodenal and Heal smooth muscles in the rabbit. It also reduces the stimulation of spontaneous activity of smooth muscles caused by acetylcholine, the reduction being greater in ileum compared to duodenum.

Keywords: Ginko bilobae extract, duodenum, ileum, smooth muscle tonus, acetylcholine

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