Glasnik Srpskog geografskog drustva 2007 Volume 87, Issue 2, Pages: 175-186
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Towards urban land recycling in Serbia

Stojkov Borislav

Cities in Serbia are passing through the initial phase of economic, social and physical renewal. At the same time the cities are confronted with major wave of investing by foreign and domestic investors. The majority of he investments are being directed to greenfield locations resulting with rapid decrease of agricultural land. With land problems in perspective as well as with new economic, demographic and social situation in Serbia, combined with the enormous problem of regional disbalance, the EU and USA experiences point out the urgent need of recycling building land and activating neglected or depleted locations within urban area. The idea of mobilizing brownfields i.e. unused industrial, military or communal structures and locations, should help in solving many economic, social and environmental problems in Serbian cities and towns. The article cites European experiences with brownfields and offers some measures, instruments and recommendations relating to city land recycling and activating brownfields in Serbia.

Keywords: brownfields, investment, building land, cities, recycling

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