Journal of Agricultural Sciences, Belgrade 2009 Volume 54, Issue 3, Pages: 257-268
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Technical-technological aspects of using machines and tools for new technologies in plant production

Ercegović Đuro, Raičević Dragiša, Vukić Đukan, Radojević Rade, Gligorević Kosta, Pajić Miloš, Oljača Mićo V.

Agricultural production is complex process and it depends of various factors which can be controlled. Many of them can be improved by using of various means which are not friendly for environment and health of people. It is necessary to apply only those measures which can maintain and improve physical - mechanical, technological and microbiological properties of soil and also the nutritive potential of soil but will not be harmful for environment. The other part of this story demands decrease of energy necessary in the process of soil preparation. The machinery and tools for new technologies in plant production in Serbia is consisted of: vibrating subsoiler VR-5(7), universal self propelled machine for soil arrangement USM-5, draining plough DP-4 and universal Scraper land leveler, and it is developed to apply changed new technologies of soil preparation. This study gives description of machines, tools and technologies necessary for soil preparation in Serbia; this means preparation of soil surface and depth, special note is given to preservation of environment and improvement of soil potential, but also and how to decrease the energy necessary for the process of soil preparation.

Keywords: agriculture, machines, technology, soil, energy, ecological aspects, Serbia

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