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Hemijska industrija 2007 Volume 61, Issue 5, Pages: 251-256
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Environmental-friendly wool fabric finishing by some water plant extracts

Šmelcerović Miodrag, Mizdraković Mirjana, Đorđević Dragan

In this article, environmental-friendly finishing of wool fabric were processed with several water extract plants, such as hibiscus, St. John's wort, and marigold. The plant extracts have good basis in the commercial dyeing of wool, for garment and carpet industry. At the same time, the environmental-friendly finishing by water extracts plants shows very good fastness of the antimicrobial properties and coloration of wool fabric. From an ecological viewpoint, the substitution of chemical dyes with "natural products" may represent not only a strategy to reduce risk and pollutants but also an opportunity for new markets and new businesses, which can expend involving of ecology in trade policy.

Keywords: textile finishing, wool fabric, water plant, hibiscus, St. John's wort, marigold

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