Science of Sintering 2010 Volume 42, Issue 1, Pages: 81-90
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Sintered materials based on copper and alumina powders synthesized by a novel method

Korać Marija, Kamberović Ž., Anđić Z., Filipović M., Tasić M.

This paper presents the production of sintered materials from nano-composite powders obtained by a novel synthesis method, which represents a combination of thermochemical synthesis and mechanical alloying. Produced powders were characterized by an average individual particle size of 30nm, with the presence of a small number of aggregates with a size of 150nm. The positive effect on dispersion strengthening of the copper matrix occurred up to 1 wt.% Al2O3, whereas a further increase of the Al2O3 content showed a negative effect on hardness. The new synthesis method is more suiTab. for composite materials containing maximum 1wt.% Al2O3. By this novel method it is possible to produce composites possessing a good combination of hardness and electrical conductivity.

Keywords: copper, alumina, nano-composite powders, sintering, dispersion strengthening

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