Privredna izgradnja 2005 Volume 48, Issue 1-2, Pages: 31-51
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Marketing that hits the sky: Critical review of economic aspects of "atmosphere" regulation I

Lošonc Alpar N.

The author treats in this article the modalities of ecological-political regulation. At first he analyzes the modalities of regulation that are government-related and connected to the normative engagement of government. The author especially emphasizes the advantageous and less advantageous aspects of the normatively based interventions of government. He critically explores the disadvantageous dimensions of the ecological aid and shows the discrepancy between the short and long run concerning the effects of aid-practice. At second the author deals with the regulation based on the market-mechanisms. The conclusion refers to the trade-off between the normatively determined govern mentality and the market-based mechanisms. The author pays special attention to the emission-trading schemes in Europe and demonstrates the main uncertainties in relation to the market of pollution and emission trading.

Keywords: ekonomsko tretiranje zagađenja, tržište zagađenja, ekološko-politička regulacija, normativni angažman države

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