Temida 2006 Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages: 3-10
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Victims of attempted murder in India: An analysis of impact of victimization and responses of criminal justice system

Jaishankar Karuppannan, Sankary Uma Velmurugan, Dhayanand Dhorababu

The problem of murder is not new phenomenon in India. Today large number of murders, attempt to murder are occurring for financial gain, besides stranger killing is also increasing. An attempt in the present study has been made to understand the nature and extent of victimization of attempted murder from the Indian Context. The aim of this study is to fill the gap in the literature on victims of attempted murder; however, this study is not to make all encompassing empirical generalizations, but to understand the physical, financial, and psychological impact of victimization. Also the responses of the criminal justice system and the public are analyzed. The results show an extensive pattern of attempted murder victimization, though a sweeping generalization is not made due to certain limitations.

Keywords: viktimizacija, pokušaj ubistva, Indija, krivičnopravni sistem

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