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Hemijska industrija 2005 Volume 59, Issue 7-8, Pages: 185-189
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Soft roll linings - better conduits: First press of the PS 2, paper machine, Belišće, Croatia

Dolenc Iztok

Paper with demanding technical properties is formed in the press of the paper machine when the paper pulp is passed between the rolls. In order to form paper in the appropriate manner, an elastic lining with particular stiffness is spread over the rolls. In this study a practical example of how softer linings generally give better results concerning the percentage of the dry part and the paper structure is presented. From the rubber roll manufacturers' point of view, the weak side of soft linings lies in greater deformations, which present difficulties in obtaining good adhesion between the lining and metal core of the roll. Only the best manufacturers in the industry can match such high demands.

Keywords: paper, paper machine, rolls, solft roll, mechanical characteristics, soft blanket

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