Archives of Biological Sciences 2006 Volume 58, Issue 3, Pages: 187-194
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Bryophyte flora of the Uvac river gorge (Southwest Serbia)

Veljić M., Marin P.D., Lakušić D., Ljubić Biljana

In the examined area, 165 taxa were found and identified: 139 taxa from the class Bryopsida and 26 taxa from the class Marchantiopsida. Nine species are red-listed in Serbia. Material was collected from 62 localities, which were analyzed for similarity of chorological and ecological features using the Jaccard similarity index. Analysis of floristic elements and phytogeographic distribution showed that the greatest number of taxa are temperate elements with Holarctic distribution. Results of ecological analysis showed that in regard to the substratum aspect, terricolous, basophilous, and indifferent species were dominant. In relation to the ecological parameter humidity, most species were mesophilous. The majority of identified bryophytes were sciophilous taxa. .

Keywords: Bryophyte flora, ecology, Uvac river gorge, Serbia

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