TY - JOUR TI - From gibanica to pizza: Changes in Slovene diet in the twentieth century AU - Godina-Golija Maja JN - Glasnik Etnografskog instituta SANU PY - 2010 VL - 58 IS - 2 SP - 117 EP - 130 PT- Article AB- Throughout the history of mankind, the supply and production of food have been basic economic activities in all civilizations. Food is intimately connected with social and ethnic group, one’s way of life, with the family and its financial position. The food of the majority of the Slovenian population in the Twentieth Century was inadequate and monotonous. Although the quantity of food available was adequate, it lacked numerous staples for which cheaper ingredients were substituted. Changes in Slovene diet were mainly connected with the greater mobility of the rural population, employment in the towns, and faster circulation of goods in the 1960s and 1970s. For the most of Slovene population food become more easily accessible as in the past, in comparison to other items, food expense decreased considerably.