Zbornik Instituta za pedagoska istrazivanja 2011 Volume 43, Issue 2, Pages: 266-282
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Reading habits of secondary school students in Serbia

Krnjaić Zora, Stepanović Ivana, Pavlović-Babić Dragica

Within the research study about free time, interests, cultural needs and habits of secondary school students, their reading habits were studied in particular. The paper is aimed at exploring the reading habits of secondary school students, which are expressed through different media, first and foremost, through book reading, as well as through reading the press and using the internet, and to determine the connection between them. The research was conducted by means of a questionnaire on the sample of 2426 students from 26 secondary schools from nine Serbian towns. The results referring to the level of development of reading habits of our secondary school students indicate that: 12% of students do not read; 21% read only the required reading; 40% read the required reading and occasionally the books that are not required; 20% read the required reading and often other books as well; and 7% are passionate readers. Secondary school students do not have a formed habit of using library services and most frequently read popular literature and popular science. The most frequently read texts in the press refer to leisure and sports. More developed reading habits of secondary school students are related to reading the sections on culture in daily newspapers, reading popular science magazines and using educational software. Educational implications of the paper indicate that it is necessary to develop students’ reading habits through teaching and learning and to encourage students to use both books and the modern media for learning purposes.

Keywords: secondary school students, free time, reading habits, press, internet