Science of Sintering 2008 Volume 40, Issue 3, Pages: 235-244
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History and challenges of barium titanate: Part II

Vijatović M.M., Bobić J.D., Stojanović B.D.

Barium titanate is the first ferroelectric ceramics and a good candidate for a variety of applications due to its excellent dielectric, ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties. Barium titanate is a member of a large family of compounds with the general formula ABO3 which is called perovskite. Barium titanate can be prepared using different methods. The synthesis method depends on the desired characteristics for the end application and the method used has a significant influence on the structure and properties of barium titanate materials. In this review paper, in Part II the properties of obtained materials and their application are presented.

Keywords: barium titanate ceramics, perovskite structure, synthesis method, dielectric properties, ferroelectric properties