Biotechnology in Animal Husbandry 2005 Volume 21, Issue 3-4, Pages: 13-24
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Species identification in meat origin farm animals through DNA technology

Ahmed M.M.

RAPD fingerprint technique was used on several meat sources to identify the species. The tested meat species were: Buffalo, Cattle, Goat and Sheep. Eighteen primers as a single, short oligonucleiotides were used to detect the species by fingerprint and genetic similarity as band sharing (BS) among these four species. By comparison between all four species, the band sharing average values were [51.0, 45.0, 59.0, 41.0, 48.0 and 70.0%] respectively. In respect of comparison, the comparison between Goat and Sheep showed high similarities while between Cattle and Goat showed low similarities. The genetic similarity as BS values ranged from 41.0 to 70.0 % respectively. The results showed that RAPD analysis provided a rapid and effective method to detect the genetic variation of different species. Also the results showed that RAPD analysis produced clear fingerprints from the products analyzed for which the species could be easily identified.

Keywords: buffalo, cattle, goat, sheep, RAPD-PCR, phylogeny and genetic similarity

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