Spatium 2011 Issue 24, Pages: 45-50
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Modelling the spatial distribution of Vojvodina’s population by using dasymetric method

Krunić Nikola, Bajat Branislav, Kilibarda Milan, Tošić Dragutin

Cartographic presentation of heterogeneity/homogeneity in the spatial distribution of population is still a major problem in modern geography, and other geo-sciences as well. The traditional method of thematic or choropleth mapping rarely gives satisfactory results. This paper analyzes the applicability of dasymetric mapping method for the modelling of spatial distribution of population. Although it is a relatively old method, it becomes widely used following the development of computer technology, GIS and satellite imagery, and its applicability is increasing in social, economic and other sciences and disciplines. After showing the basis and development of dasymetric mapping, the authors present possible application of this method in the population distribution modelling of Vojvodina.

Keywords: dasymetric mapping, population distribution, spatial planning, Vojvodina

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