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Thermal Science 2011 Volume 15, Issue 4, Pages: 1065-1079
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Some subtleties concerning fluid flow and turbulence modeling in 4.-valve engines

Jovanovic Zoran S., Basara Branislav S., Tomić Miroljub V., Petrović Velimir S.

In this paper some results concerning the structure and evolution of fluid flow pattern during induction and compression in 4.- valve engines with tilted valves were presented. Results were obtained by dint of multidimensional modeling of non-reactive flows in arbitrary geometry with moving boundaries. During induction fluid flow pattern was characterized with organized tumble motion followed by small but clearly legible deterioration in the vicinity of BDC. During compression the fluid flow pattern is entirely three-dimensional and fully controlled by vortex motion located in the central part of the chamber. In order to annihilate negative effects of tumble deterioration and to enhance swirling motion one of the intake valves was deactivated. Some positive and negative effects of such attempt were elucidated. The effect of turbulence model alteration in the case of excessive macro flows was tackled as well. Namely, some results obtained with eddy-viscosity model i.e. standard k-ε model were compared with results obtained with k-ξ-f model of turbulence in domain of 4.-valve engine in-cylinder flow. Some interesting results emerged rendering impetus for further quest in the near future.

Keywords: 4.-valve engines, automotive flows, turbulence modelling