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Journal of the Serbian Chemical Society 2009 Volume 74, Issue 4, Pages: 461-470
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Radioactivity of sand from several renowned public beaches and assessment of the corresponding environmental risks

Radenković Mirjana B., Masaud Alshikh Saeed, Andrić Velibor B., Miljanić Šćepan S.

The radiological risk due to the presence of natural and man-made radionuclides in beach sands from several renowned seaside and riverbank public beaches was estimated in this study. The exposure levels to terrestrial radiation of the beaches were determined, as well as hazards due to human use of the analyzed sands in industry and in building constructions. Specific radionuclides concentrations in the sand samples were determined by standard gamma-spectrometry. The corresponding radiation hazards arising due to the use of sand as a building material were estimated by three different radiological hazard indices. The total absorbed gamma dose rate in the air was determined and the corresponding annual effective dose outdoors was estimated. The obtained data are relevant both from human health and environmental monitoring aspects.

Keywords: environmental radioactivity, sand, radiological hazard indices, gamma-spectrometry, dose rates