Archives of Biological Sciences 2009 Volume 61, Issue 3, Pages: 501-512
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The quality of water of the Mantovo reservoir, Republic of Macedonia

Slavevska-Stamenković Valentina, Stafilov T., Smiljkov S., Paunović M., Hristovski S.

The aim of the paper is to evaluate the quality of water of the Mantovo Reservoir (Southeast Macedonia)based on physico-chemical parameters and the macrozoobenthos. Monthly sampling was performed during 2003 and 2004. Temperature and DO depth profile data indicate that the Mantovo Reservoir is a dimictic lake. Based on mean nutrient concentrations, the Mantovo Reservoir can be considered as being phosphorus-deficient. During the summer stratification, very high concentrations of Mn (2,819 μg/l)and Cu (147.6μg/l)were detected in the lower profundal. Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri was the dominant species, which indicates the presence of organic pollution. Dominance of Chaoborus crystallinus and decline in abundance of L. hoffmeisteri in the lower profundal indicate a deterioration of environmental status in the deepest part of the lake.

Keywords: Water quality, physical and chemical parameters, macrozoobenthos, Mantovo Reservoir, Macedonia